may 19th, 2021

Episode #24


Embodying Divine Feminine Leadership with Kori Harrison, Leader of the Trip App Team

Laura Dawn speaks with Kori Harrison about the power of embracing the divine feminine as a female leader in the psychedelic space.

I don’t even think about working for a company. I think about working for this medicine and this mission we have.
Kori harrison


About This Episode:

Kori Harrison came from the tech start-up world in Silicon Valley and through her transformational journeys with sacred plant medicine found her way to Field Trip. At Field Trip, she has been leading (a predominantly male) team to build and develop one of the first apps in the psychedelic space, called Trip App, supporting people through the psychedelic experience that includes preparation and integration, and extends to an online community for intentional consciousness expansion, 

In this succinct and powerful conversation, Kori speaks about her transformational journey and how plant medicines continue to help support her in becoming a better leader; and a leader that fully embodies and embraces the divine feminine. 

I love everything about this conversation. 

Core Themes

Explored in this episode:
  • Psychedelic Leadership
  • Divine Feminine
  • Female Leaders
  • Plant Wisdom
  • Serving a Mission

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Episode #24: Kori Harrison Psychedelic Leadership Podcast.

Duration: 00:34:56

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Kori Harrison


Kori is a lifelong learner and product leader. From corporate consulting in DC to building technology startups in Silicon Valley, mental health and journeys inward weren’t a priority for many years. A disciplined and perfectionist soul with a lifelong battle with an eating disorder, she found psychedelic medicine at a time when its wisdom and guidance was especially needed. The transformation and healing she experienced with this work inspired a mission to help others find the same. This brought her to Field Trip, building and leading Trip, an app and community for intentional consciousness expansion. To learn more about her personal journey, visit koriharrison.com.

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About Laura Dawn

Through her signature Mastermind Programs and Plant Medicine Retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with ancient wisdom. She teaches business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation, fostering emotional resiliency and unlocking new depths to our creative potential.