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  • Psychedelic Coaches
  • Integration Guides
  • Microdosing Mentors
  • Transformational Coaches
  • Psychedelic Professionals



Learn effective tools, methods and models to support your clients on the journey of psychedelic transformation…



Transilience is for:

Integration Guides

Microdosing Mentors

Psychedelic Guides

Transformational Coaches

This Program is For You If:

  • You have a personal practice with psychedelics or sacred plant medicines and you want to start supporting others.
  • You want to build the best foundation to become an effective psychedelic coach.
  • You've started your coaching practice and you want to learn more effective tools to become more skilled at supporting psychedelic preparation, integration and transformation.
  • You're embarking on the path as a microdosing coach and realizing microdosing itself can only take you so far when it comes to helping people change. You need a better framework to help maximize microdosing outcomes.
  • You are a psychedelic guide and want to start supporting more of your clients with 1-1 integration support.
  • You lead a company in the psychedelic space and want better tools for mentoring your team.


Become a more effective psychedelic coach

Starts September 13th

Facilitator Training

These are extraordinary
times of rapid change.

WE ALL KNOW THAT Change is hard...

Millions of people are seeking out psychedelic and plant medicine experiences because they desire some form of change to take root in their lives. 

People seek inner change to more effectively adapt to a changing world.  

This is the era of REINVENTION.

You are here because you already KNOW the transformative potential of psychedelic medicines.

Psychedelics CATALYZE change, which means they INITIATE the process.

This is only the first part of the equation.

What I’ve learned over the past 25 years is that psychedelic journeys are SIGNIFICANTLY more effective in supporting the change we desire when held within a FRAMEWORK that specifically supports personal growth and transformation.  

Welcome to:

On the Psychedelic Path
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What is Transilience?

tran·​sil·​ience (noun)

The word “Transilience” was traditionally used to describe “a leap of change or transition” – and in the process of leaping, we evolve from one state to another. 

(The word “Transilience” is rarely used anymore…
but it seriously deserves a comeback.)

About The Program

Even though the majority of attention (and training programs) are focused on psychedelics and mental illness – for good reason – this group constitutes a much smaller percentage compared to the vast majority of people seeking out psychedelics for more psycho-spiritual purposes. 

We are moving through an unprecedented collective transition right now. We know the old way is not working, yet the new way forward is unclear and uncertain.

We are in the gap between two worlds, and a large percentage of people are experiencing what John Vervaeke calls the “Meaning Crisis.” 

LEARN TO SKILLFULLY SUPPORT People who are experiencing:
  • A lack of clarity, lack of direction & lack of support
  • A deeper questioning of their purpose and their path in life (what is this all for?)
  • Feelings of disconnection from themselves, from other people and from nature
  • Struggling with feelings of overwhelm & first signs of burnout
  • Chronic stress & transition fatigue
  • Low moods and bouts of mild depression
  • Repetitive internal narratives that keep them stuck
  • Unhealthy habits rooted in an old version of themselves they desire to change

What Makes the Transilience Framework Unique?

A different starting point
Instead of working with psychedelics to:
REDUCE mental illness...
Transilience focuses oN ENHANCING human flourishing.

The psychedelic experience teaches us the very same skillsets and mindsets we need to thrive during times of change. They are helping us to:

  • Adapt & stay flexible amongst an increasingly complex and volatile world
  • Foster emotional, mental and physical resilience
  • Enhance creativity (on every level)
  • Realign with what we care about, and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Reconnect to ourselves, each other and culitvate a more harmonious relationship with the Earth we live on
The 4 Foundational Pillars of Transilience

Why Creativity is Foundational to TRANSILIENCE

exploring psychedelics through A NEW LENS
The entire process of psychedelic transformation is by definition a creative process.

Creativity & transformation are 2 sides of the same coin. 

At the heart of the transformation process is our ability to hold a new vision for our lives and imagine that something else is possible.

Creativity requires telling a new story about who we are, and what we believe we’re capable of and shape a new sense of identity. This requires breaking free from conventional thinking, perceiving the world through a new lens and learning how to think more creatively…And this is exactly what psychedelics help us to do.

When we look at psychedelics and sacred plant medicines through the lens of creativity research, everything changes; our understanding of preparation and integration shifts, it changes how we think about set and setting, and it changes how we experience the journey itself, as well as the outcomes we aim for.  

It also informs the frameworks we build and the tools we use to support ourselves and others on the path of psychedelic transformation.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Transilience

Transilience takes a multidisciplinary approach to support inner transformation, offering new frameworks and a new perspective on: 

Set & Setting
Preparation & Integration
About The Program
This program weaves together and draws upon elements and aspects of:
  • Creativity Research
  • Psychedelic Science
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Shamanic Principles
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Neuroscience
  • Positive Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Somatic Psychology
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • Parts Work
  • Self-Inquiry & Shadow Work
  • Leadership Development
  • The Wisdom of Nature

What You Will Learn

Help others THRIVE through these times of CHANGE

Starts September 13th

(Some of the) Topics included in the 12 CORE modules

Weaving Wisdom with Science

Transilience is a “foundations” program, however, what we cover extends far beyond 101 material and explores 201 and 301 principles that are invaluable to understand and embody as you support others on their path of psychedelic transformation.

"Visionary Preparation & Integration"

a psychedelic integration framework backed by science

Mindset, Mental Imagery, Imagination & Psychedelic Science

Learn what psychedelic science shows us about the power of imagination, visualization and mental imagery and how to apply that to fuel inner transformation.

Apply Psychedelic Science to Support Psychedelic Integration

Learn why psychedelics are pattern disruptors, and how they open up "critical periods" and enhance neural plasticity, making change a little easier to implement.

Neuroscience of Change & The Science of Habits and Identity

If you want to understand how to change, it's helpful to understand the underlying mechanisms of why we stay the same. Learn the science behind transforming your life from the inside out, one day at a time.

Neuroscience of Perception and Forming New Beliefs

learn what the latest theories of consciousness tell us about how we perceive what we believe and how that influences how we make sense of the world around us

Apply the 6P's of Creativity to Support Psychedelic Transformation

Learn to Apply Foundations of Creativity Research to The Entire Journey of Psychedelic Transformation

Learn the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of SHENPA to Get Unhooked

Transform deeply entrenched habits of body and mind, accompanied with guided practice.

Augmented, Extended & Embodied Cognition: Take Your Mind to a Whole New Level

Learn the science of augmented cognition and how to work with medicines to reboot your brain and Improve your capacity to think better

Move from Time Management > Energy Management > Attention Management

What You Pay Attention to Becomes the Content for Which you write the story of your life. Learn methods to get to the root of transformation

Transformation Unfolds Through


Learn to augment your cognition and cultivate a visionary mindset to shape a new version of you and your identity.

A Deeper Understanding of the Power of Attention & Intention

Learn to Shape a New Identity & Tell a New Story About Your Life

Dive Deep Into Understanding the Science Behind Growth, Adaptive & Curiosity Mindset

Learn Methods for Working with Medicines to Transmute Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Ones

Learn How to Apply Creative Thinking Skills to Support Transformation & How to Catch & Reframe Thinking Traps

Cultivate Clarity of Vision & Learn the Science of Mental Imagery

Apply the Power of Mindfulness Awareness To Improve All Aspects of Your Life


Take new actions in alignment with the vision of who you are becoming and what you truly care about. 

Embodied Leadership & Walking the Path You are Teaching

Learn to Leverage Windows of Cognitive Flexibility to Support New Habits

Deepen Your Daily Practice to Embody the Vision of Who You Are Becoming

Apply the Science of Flow to Cultivate Transilience

Learn the Science of Goal Setting & Become More Effective at Meeting Your Goals

Apply the Principles of Harmony, Balance & Walking In Right Relationship to All Aspects of Your Life


Cultivate emotional resilience and a courageous whole-hearted approach to living.

Realign with Values & What You Truly Care About

Nervous System Regulation & Exploring Windows of Tolerance

Learn the Science & Wisdom of Self-Compassion

Stress Management, Emotional Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

Learn the Power of Somatic Centering & Leading from the Heart

Expand Your Capacity to Hold Space for the Discomfort of Challenging Emotions

Learn the Science of Self-Efficacy & Unlock Intrinsic Motivation



3 Core Pillars: Preparation, The Experience & Integration

When you choose to walk the medicine path, preparation and integration become a daily practice of translating the insights received from psychedelic experiences into the fabric of your everyday life.

“The universal challenge is to transform peak experiences into plateau experiences, epiphanies into personality, states into stages, and altered states into altered traits.”
~ Roger Walsh
Altered States
Altered Traits
Amplified Impact

Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicines can show you the path...but they can’t make you walk it.

Come together to Cultivate your morning practice

We Become What We Practice

Strengthen yourself to BECOME STRONGER FOR others.

Beyond Microdosing 101
Exploring 201-301

Movement & "Music to Move You" Practice

Learn NEW Journaling Practices

Visionary Practices & Mindfulness Awareness Meditation

Apply the Power of Ritual & Intention

Embodiment Practices

Ice Baths


Yoga Flows & Martial Art Movement


Become a more effective psychedelic coach

Starts September 13th

Why this facilitator Program

3 Reasons Why Transilience

(besides...just about everything)
Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3

Reason #1

Two Immersive Solo Medicine Journey Weekends (With a Sitter)

First weekend: December 8-10th, 2023
Deepen into your solo medicine practice.

This weekend immersion will give you an opportunity to put everything you’ve been learning into practice.

If you are supporting others on the path of psychedelic transformation, you can truly only hold space for the dis-integration and re-integration of someone else’s mind to the degree you have explored your own.
This weekend immersive is optional.

Reason #2

Come together for A Morning Practice, Twice Per Month:

We Become What We Practice.

Cultivating a daily practice (with or without) microdosing is not always easy to show up for.

Be part of a community of professionals who are committed to cultivating a level of master in their personal and professional lives. 

These monthly “real time” practice sessions are an opportunity to put the principles and tools you've been learning into practice.

Reason #3

Community Support & Professional Network

Cultivating a resilient network of psychedelic professionals is invaluable.

Everyone will journey through this 6-month program with a smaller "sub-cohort".

These peers are your “travel buddies” and you are encouraged to check in with your team on a weekly basis to help each other deepen your understanding of the curriculum being explored.

STRengthen your transilience.

Walk Away With...

  • The most indispensable tools to support psychedelic transformation.
  • An expanded understanding of how psychedelic medicines affect the brain and catalyze change.
  • Embody what you are teaching by cultivating a daily practice that supports the vision of who you are becoming.
  • A deeper capacity to hold space for your clients healing process with wisdom, grace and compassion.
  • A more versatile and unique tool belt; walk away with tangible tools and methodologies to support psychedelic integration.
  • Gain clarity around your coaching zone of genius and which niche to serve.
  • An expanded peer group of psychedelic professionals.
  • Learn how to meet your growth edge and become more aware of your hidden blocks to transformation.
Program Overview

Included In This Program

12 Foundational Modules

Homework PDF Printouts

Bonus Audio Recordings

Real Time Coaching Sessions

Live Q&A Sessions

Access to Mighty Networks Community

2 Immersive Solo Medicine Journey Weekends (with a Sitter)

Deepen Your Connection With Your Sub-Cohort

Come Together for Real-Time Morning Practice

You can't take your clients to a place
you've never been...

Meet Your Instructor

Laura Dawn, M.Sc

Keynote speaker and host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Laura Dawn, M.Sc. has been teaching the art and science of inner transformation through her signature retreats and online programs for over 15 years.

Laura Dawn holds a Master of Science specializing in Creativity & Change Leadership and is at the forefront of exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creativity.

With over 25 years of exploring altered states in consciousness, Laura Dawn is a pioneer at the forefront of psychedelic medicines, creative cognition, and leadership development, exploring psychedelics as powerful tools for creative thinking, creative problem-solving, ideating, and innovating.
Laura Dawn weaves together science with the wisdom teachings of Eastern philosophy to teach you how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation. Through mindset, mindfulness training, and somatic awareness, she inspires leaders in the psychedelic space to expand the boundaries of what they believe is possible and embark on the path of heart-centered leadership to influence meaningful change.
Laura's Expertise in numbers
students taught
0 +
years of leading transformational retreats and online programs
0 +
years of exploring altered states of consciousness
0 +


Become a more effective psychedelic coach

Starts September 13th

BECOME FAMILIAR WITH LAURA DAWN’s WORK at the Forefront of Psychedelics, Creativity & Transformation

Psychedelic Teachers

(More coming soon)

Grandmother Jyoti

internationally renowned spiritual teacher.

How to walk in alignment with the original principles

This is a time of recalibration. The prophecies are illuminating that this is the time to re-align with the Original Principles. 

In this talk, Grandmother Jyoti will sharing her wisdom about how to walk in Right Relationship. 

Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, PhD) is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honor the Earth and all Peoples.   As one of the founders and now holding a Grandmother Seat, and in her active role for so many years as the Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies (thecenterforsacredstudies.org), she co-founded Kayumari with spiritual communities both in America and Europe. Other projects she has helped to convene are the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the Unity Concert. She is the founder for The Fountain (https://thefountain.earth) It’s mission is to restore an economic model that is based on reciprocity and collaboration guided by Nature and the Sacred. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways. Through this work collaborative relationships with organizations that are focused on economic, social and environmental solutions have developed, creatively addressing the global challenges of our times.

Dr. Manesh Girn,

Psychedelic Neuroscientist


Manesh will discuss how the latest findings on the brain mechanisms of psychedelic drugs provide valuable insight into the processes that catalyze and support personal transformation, with or without drugs. Drawing on this scientific discussion, he will also provide practical tips on how to maximize and harness neuroplasticity for growth and lasting change.

Dr. Manesh Girn has been lead or co-author on nearly two dozen scientific publications and book chapters on topics including psychedelics, meditation, and the default-mode network. Having completed his PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University, he currently works as a postdoctoral psychedelic neuroscientist at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). At UCSF, Manesh works closely with pioneering psychedelic researcher Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, where he conducts research on the brain mechanisms underlying psychedelic drugs and personal transformation. Manesh also runs a YouTube channel and Instagram page – called The Psychedelic Scientist – where he discusses the latest findings in psychedelic science in a layperson-friendly form, and he also serves as Chief Research Officer at the psychedelic bioscience company EntheoTech Bioscience.

Taryn Marie Stejskal Ph.D

#1 WSJ Bestselling author of The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People and leading expert on resilience, mental health, & wellbeing

Learn 5 practices to cultivate and embody resilience through times of change and transition

What are the attributes that determine whether you will flourish or fold in times of change and transition? After conducting two decades of research to understand how people effectively face challenge, resilience has emerged as the key differentiator that sustains people in moments of difficulty, ambiguity, and adversity.

In this signature workshop, Dr. Taryn Marie shares the myths that have clouded our understanding of resilience and invites audiences to look within themselves, rather than outside of themselves for resilience. She inspires with the practical, tangible, and evidence-based framework, The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, based on her #1 WSJ Bestselling book, where participants will identify and adopt practices that will enhance and sustain your resilience, mental health, and wellbeing.

Attendees will:

  • Learn The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People framework
  • Appreciate the importance of the practices of vulnerability and connection
  • Understands the pervasive myths that often block their ability to access resilience
  • Enhance their personal resilience while reducing stress, exhaustion, and burnout

Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal (pronounced Stay-skull) is the Founder and Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of Resilience Leadership Institute (RLI), she is recognized #1 international expert on resilience, mental health, and wellbeing in both leadership and life. Her mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people, by enhancing hope, healing, and health as well as increased consciousness and enhanced leadership through the practices of resilience. She also serves as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) for Wicked Happy, a global aspirational apparel brand that promotes positivity and possibility through inspirational messages.

Her book entitled The Five Practices of Highly Resilient People: Why some flourish when others fold is a #1 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Bestseller! Global Gurus has recognized Dr. Taryn Marie as a Top 30 Thinker in Leadership, she is a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach Globally (MG100), and was a finalist for the Tony Hsieh Award focused on people who are leading progressive and innovative change in the area of human capital. Her work has been featured by Fox and NBC News, Bloomberg Business, Thrive Global, and Forbes. Her TEDx talk entitled “How Resilience Breaks Us Out of Our Vulnerability Cage” has been viewed over 1 million times! LA Progressive magazine calls her “the go-to person” and “a secret weapon” for CEOs and executive leadership teams who want to find their edge as well as rise above the competition. 

By conducting two decades of original research on resilience, Dr. Taryn Marie developed the empirically based framework, The Five Practices of Highly Resilient People and believes that resilience is the key to individual, teams, and organizational growth and acceleration across the

globe. Prior to founding RLI, she served as the Head of Executive Leadership Development & Talent Strategy at Nike, as well as Head of Global Leadership Development at Cigna.

Dr. Taryn Marie earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, along with master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, and completed pre- and postdoctoral fellowships in neuropsychology at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. She is the host of the top 1% acclaimed podcast Flourish or Fold: Stories of Resilience, where well-known people tell their lesser well-known story of facing challenge to remind us that adversity is a necessary ingredient in life.

She is honored to serve as a sought-after trusted advisor and board member to amplify resilience, engagement, and talent strategy. Her two sons, Samson and Sawyer, are always teaching her about resilience!

Natasja Pelgrom

Founder of awaken the medicine within

Cultivating Deeper Understanding: Psychedelic Preparation for Experienced Journeyers

Natasja will be leading a two part series helping you prepare for your solo medicine work. 

You will learn: 

The Transformative Potential of Shadow Work and how addressing the shadow is one of the most important preparation tools for your journey and self-leadership. You will learn techniques for exploring and processing shadow aspects during the psychedelic journey.

Natasja will also be covering:

  • Embodied Preparation
  • Embracing the Commitment
  • Working Within Your Frame
  • Embracing humility
  • The power of self-inquiry
  • The power of ritual.


Natasja Pelgrom a devoted creative, and visionary, dedicates her life’s work to guiding transformative spiritual experiences for others. As the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within Retreats and Education since 2017, Natasja holds the sacred space for individuals on their journey of growth and personal evolution. With her profound intuitive abilities, she has played integral roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies, offering training, and facilitation. Additionally, Natasja’s expertise extends to coaching over 3000+ clients and providing advisory services, as well as curating transformational programs for wellness companies. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals unlock their true potential and navigate the path of self-leadership makes her a trusted and influential figure in the psychedelic-assisted care realm. Natasja’s multifaceted mentorship approach is complemented by her extensive background of 20+ years as a serial entrepreneur.

Diana Arroyo Valverde

Creativa, Healer

Connect with Your Ancestry & the Natural Elements through Qi Gong and Mindful Movement

Diana will lead a Qi Gong movement and embodiment practice rooted in self care to help you ground your energy. Weaving body, mind and spirit through movement, visualization and breath, this practice will allow you to connect to your ancestry, the elements and the ancient linages we all carry deep within.

Diana was born in Costa Rica and has traveled the globe to study and refine her craft and healing modalities with some of the most sought out teachers and masters.

Diana’s passion is to serve humanity. Her personal journey and curiously in natural health and transformation led her to the studies of Psychology, Indigenous Healing Arts, Thai Massage and Yoga.

Diana was part of Granito de Arena non profit for 5 years, writing and organizing projects with indigenous communities in Costa Rica through the program “Youth in Action” from UE.

She lived for 5 years in several indigenous communities in Costa Rica (Boruca, Bribri and Cabécar) what brought a deep understanding of the cosmovision and allowed her to create strong relationships with some activist in those territories.

With over 20 years of experience, Diana serves guests and trainees throughout Costa Rica Hotels, Spas and Retreat Centers, as well as facilitating transformative retreats and trainings in Costa Rica, United States, Germany and Peru.

In 2010 she moved to Chirripo area where she co-funded and is currently co-administrating “Centro Educativo Finca Mia Chirripo”. A waldorf school that allows local kids to have access to alternative education and integrate foreigner families into a spanish speaking school.

My philosophy is “Live a simple life with authenticity, love, compassion, and integrity.” I believe that through the kindred flow of the Divine, together we create a ripple effect that heals and changes the world.

Fill your cup with fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness and transform your life.

Ixchel Munay


Apply the Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel to Support Integration

Ixchel will share how to work with the shamanic medicine wheel as a framework for exploring the energetics of both the journey and integration.

Although the medicine wheel is a circle, in life we spiral through these archetypal energies meeting ourselves in a from a new place each time.

In the shamanic medicine wheel, we travel through the energies of the serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle/condor. We will also look at how we can use different medicine wheels for deeper understanding of the cycles of life.

The serpent energy supports us to let go, let go of control and open the portal to the subconscious, the unseen and that which lies under the surface. Jaguar helps us meet and face our fears of the unknown and death, so that we may see like she does in the darkness with keen vision how we can liberate ourselves from the bondage of old beliefs, patterns, stories and traumas that are holding us back. By moving through this initiation, we are able to experience the beauty, joy and pure love of the hummingbird and become living embodiments of love. The eagle and the condor bring expanded perspective, a new vision for our lives and the world.

As we integrate these parts of our journey and our lives with the gnosis that everything is energy, we become the vibrational frequency of our vision for our lives as the embodiment of our truth.

Ixchel Munay is a mother, medicine woman, dancer, musician, spiritual midwife, mentor, permaculturist and eternal optimist.

Ixchel Munay is a community builder and cofounder of Yacumama Ecovillage and retreat center in Costa Rica and Chakya Muna artist community in Bali.

“30 years ago at the age of 15 psychedelics set me on the path of self discovery and I am humbly still learning.

For nearly 20 years Ayahuasca and Huachuma have been my greatest teachers. I have guided hundreds of people on the journey of ceremony and integration for more than a decade.

My life is dedicated to the liberation of all beings, to the remembrance of our divinity, to the embodiment of our full potential.”

David Henry Richanbach, MA


Psychedelic Cartography: Mapping the Self through Writing, A PRACTICE FOR PREPARATION & INTEGRATION

Mapping the Self through Writing is an invitation into the uncharted territories of your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. With the written word as our vessel, and the integration of our medicine path as our North Star, we draw upon the great human tradition of mystical epistemology as our compass to navigate the waters of expanded awareness. By rolling up our sleeves, leaning into resistance and bringing pen to paper we uncover hidden facets, remember key insights, question unexamined beliefs, and aim to construct a more coherent worldview rich with optimism and beauty. This journey, while profoundly personal, promises to enrich your medicine work and strengthen your capacity to be in the heart of the conversations that aid our collective growth.

“David Henry Richanbach, affectionately known as DH or Henry, is a dedicated explorer of consciousness and a lifelong writer in the realm of psychedelic experiences. Completing his undergraduate studies at Evergreen State College in 2012, he engaged deeply with the mysteries of consciousness, dreams, storytelling, ayahuasca shamanism, and transformational festivals. Filling journal after journal with psychedelic insights, his academic work came alive with explorations of these expansive territories. Later, upon securing his MA in Psychological Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, he directed his lifelong passion for the written word towards serving his clients. His current endeavor revolves around guiding those engaged with psychedelics to navigate and record their journeys of expanded awareness, using writing as a critical tool for mining and sharing the precious insights unearthed during their explorations.”

Mareesa Stertz

Professional story teller


Do you have big stories to share, but struggle to articulate them in an impactful way? Are you a leader or change-maker feeling called to help illuminate the way forward for others, but find it a challenge to harness the power of your own story?

This workshop is powered by a set of tools that will help you frame your origin stories, unlock the wisdom within, and prepare you to share your learnings to inspire others and help transform the world.

Mareesa Stertz is a filmmaker, storyteller, community organizer, and kundalini yoga teacher. She is a cofounder at Lucid News and the producer and host of the documentary series, The Healing Powers (of Psychedelics and Other Mindful Practices), and Damanhur, both currently streaming on Gaia TV.

She has shared her stories of working with psychedelics on stages internationally as well as in education, for the Synthesis Practitioner Training Program, and teaches storytelling workshops in retreats and online for leaders and for psychedelic preparation.

She is passionate about using story to illuminate the powerful transformation that comes from navigating trauma, work heavily informed by her own journey. She has a BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, and her films have been featured by Gaia TV, Viceland, Indigenous Films, Merry Jane, and Participant. She is currently writing a one-woman theatrical play, and in post-production on a documentary about her experiences with psychedelics.

Holly Achaya

Spirit-Psyche Integration Coach

Spirit-Psyche Integration: Expand Into Light and Simultaneously Heal Fractured Aspects of Your Psyche

Spirit Psyche Integration is the transformative process by which you expand your consciousness into the realm of unending love (Spirit), before turning back around and healing the relationship you have with different fractured aspects of your subconscious mind (Psyche). This mechanism aims to resolve trauma and re-harmonise the internal relationship you have with yourself and is a powerful tool both inside and outside of psychedelic journeys.

You’ll be joining me for two sessions, where I will teach you to guide yourself in the first session and then how to guide your clients in the second.

Holly Achaya is a spiritual teacher, healer, and transformational guide with a decade of experience exploring the fields of metaphysics, psychology, spirituality, and healing. 

She has learned from different mentors and has immersed herself in various practices including; self-inquiry, trance meditation, hypnosis, embodiment exercises, somatic therapies, psychedelics, and plant medicine. Today she combines these tools and methods, with her understanding of human psychology, to help people who have a strong desire for liberation and freedom. 

Professionally Holly is the founder of not-for-profit organisations ‘Beyond Coaching’ and the ‘Earth Pulse Academy Mystery School’. Through these platforms, she helps both students and facilitators discover their purpose, heal the relationship they have with themselves, and make Right Livelihood livings out of the art of transformational facilitation and coaching.

Dr. Ali Maya

Ceremonial Guide, Somatic psychologist, plant medicine integration specialist

weaving somatic embodiment with shamanic wisdom to unfurl the knots of deeply held patterns in the body and mind.

The golden keys to our consciousness live in our bodies. Our bodies hold memories of trauma, ecstasy, humanity and divinity. In this class you’ll learn a simple but powerful practice to bring into your microdosing sessions that will accelerate your healing and transformation on every level of your being. You’ll learn to engage in dialogue with your body’s wisdom. We will listen, attune to, feel and unravel the knots of deeply held patterns in our psyches that have held us back from our greatest radiance and freedom. Through the combination of somatic awareness, Buddhist meditation and sacred plant medicine, you will befriend your body and your entire being on a whole new level.

Ali Maya has been a student and teacher of indigenous shamanism, psychedelic plant medicine, somatic-transpersonal psychology and world mysticism traditions for over 25 years. She holds an undergraduate degree in Comparative Mysticism (focus on Buddhist Studies), two master’s and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (focus on East-West and Somatic Psychotherapy). She integrates her academic training with her deep devotion to her own creative, healing and awakening practices. In 2008, she founded Ali Maya Retreats, which provides transformational retreats, mentorship programs and educational courses. She is a passionate ceremonial musician, having produced 5 full length studio albums, with the 6th in progress. Her retreats, programs and music are guided by the prayer for the alleviation of human suffering and the opening of the human heart, in service to creating a healthier, happier world for all.


Mark Alan Diaz

Breathwork & Ice bath facilitator


Mark will lead portions of our morning practice when we come together as a group.

In these bi-weekly Breathwork and Yogic Martial Arts Fusion classes led by Mark Alan Diaz, students will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner harmony. Through the power of breathwork, students will explore the Wim Hof Method, bringing heightened awareness while releasing tension, increase mindfulness, and tap into the potential for positive change. The yoga asana sequences, influenced by Budokon and animal locomotion training, will challenge and invigorate the body while emphasizing functional breath-led transitional movements. Throughout the classes, students will develop heightened body awareness, improved flexibility, and a deeper connection to their breath. By embracing this fusion of breathwork and yoga, participants will cultivate a sense of calm, rejuvenation, and a strengthened mind-body connection that extends beyond the mat and into their daily lives.

He will lead an optional workshop for those of you who would like to cultivate a cold exposure practice. 

Meet Mark Alan Diaz, a creative professional known for his multidisciplinary approach to creativity, movement, and self-development. With a background in architecture and design, he skillfully integrates his technical expertise in structure, form, and function into his unique facilitation style.

For the past 11 years, Mark has embraced his passion for yoga and embarked on a journey as a dedicated Budokon Yoga teacher integration the philosophy of flow and martial arts into how we can bravely show up to meet life’s challenges. Specializing in dynamic and fluid asana practices, he incorporates animal locomotion training to cater to both beginners and advanced practitioners. Mark’s teaching style is characterized by its inclusive nature, making yoga accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

In addition to his contributions to the yoga community, Mark is a certified Wim Hof Breathwork and Cold Exposure facilitator since 2018. Through this practice, he has honed his ability to guide individuals through transformative experiences, particularly in pre and post-medicine ceremonies. By emphasizing the conscious focus on breath, Mark aims to empower others to unlock the potential for positive change and growth in their lives.

Mark Alan Diaz’s journey as a multidisciplinary creator, mover, and practitioner continues to inspire and uplift those he interacts with, leaving a profound impact on the paths of self-discovery and personal development.

Wesley Bellanca

Lead Supervisor for Fireside Project

Psychedelic Peer Support FOR SAFE JOURNEYING AT HOME & Navigating Difficult Experiences WITH GRACE

In preparation for the “Solo Medicine Journey Immersive Weekend” Wesley will be covering important principles around setting yourself up for a safe psychedelic experience with the support of a “neutral” sitter. He will cover the foundations of peer support, how to hold space for difficult experiences and what to do in case of an emergency.
Wesley (he/him) is the Lead Supervisor for Fireside Project, a nonprofit psychedelic peer support hotline that provides free phone and text support to people who are actively tripping or integrating past journeys. He has been involved in psychedelic harm reduction since 2009 and has worked as a festival harm reduction volunteer lead, integration coach and trainer, and psychedelic journalist. Wesley has trained hundreds of psychedelic integration coaches and published over 200 articles on the psychedelic movement.

Tara Divina

Creative Business Coach for Medicine Carriers & Mystical Healers

Burning in the fire of your own medicine (in order to serve it)

One of the most confronting things about becoming a medicine integration coach is that all of your most confronting challenges tend to surface as you rise up to serve others. This can easily make you feel unqualified to help them, but is actually a sign that you are the perfect person to do so. In this interactive training you will uncover the aspects of your medicine that you are most meant to transmit and embody, and deepen into your own practice of alchemizing your biggest challenges into your most powerful pillars of wisdom – for yourself and others.

Tara Divina draws on her experience as a Vice President at the Warner Music Group, professional medicine musician, clothing designer, and successful entrepreneur, to offer business & creative coaching for medicine carriers, mystical healers, and artists. 

She empowers them to prioritize their creative projects, build an organic fan base using authentic self expression, and generate a sustainable income using all of their gifts.

She is also tapped into karmic patterns, purpose and destiny through the lens of Vedic Astrology, and combines her gift of seeing the unseen with practical know how to help creatives get clear on their purpose and core message.

Julian Vayne

Author, teacher, writer

Metaphors, Minds and Models - Understanding the Psychedelic Experience & Navigating the Psychedelic Experience.

Talk #1 Metaphors, Minds and Models – Understanding the Psychedelic Experience.

How we explain what psychedelics do and how they work changes what happens when we take them. The stories we tell ourselves about our psychedelic journeys enable, or limit, our ability to successfully learn from those experiences. Join Julian Vayne for a deep dive into the swirling waters of psychedelic metaphor where we’ll encounter some hidden treasures from psychedelic research history as well as the latest ways to think about the meaning, message and action of psychedelics.

Talk #2 Navigating the Psychedelic Experience.
In this presentation we’ll be extensively exploring the issue of psychedelic dosage. How much to take? How can we combine psychedelic medicines? What are the key contraindications and where should we look for advice? We will also cover the ‘final flight instructions’. What are the methods that we can use to navigate the psychedelic experience ourselves and how can we teach these skills to support and empower others?

Julian Vayne is a British independent scholar and author with over four decades of experience within esoteric culture: from Druidry to Chaos Magic, from indigenous Shamanism through to Freemasonry and Witchcraft. Julian is a co-organizer of the psychedelic conference Breaking Convention, and a Trustee of The Psychedelic Museum Project. A founding member of the post-prohibition think-tank Transform, Julian sits on the academic board of The Journal of Psychedelic Studies, and has been a visiting lecturer at several British universities. He is the author of the celebrated Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony. 

Program Breakdown

First Half:
September 13th through December 14th


Because You can only guide people as far as you've gone yourself

The first half of this program is about journeying through the Transilient Framework.

Learn to apply the curriculum and tools for psychedelic transformation to your life first and foremost and deepen on your medicine path.

This is the time meet your growth edge (because we all have one) and embrace the discomfort of transformation. 

Second Half:
January 18th through April 4th


After journeying through the framework to support your personal growth and transformation, learn to apply what you’ve learned to become a more effective coach in the process of supporting others on the path of psychedelic transformation. 

In the second half of the program you’ll also start gain insights into how Laura Dawn weaves medicine work into her creative process to build out unique frameworks, exactly like this one so you can also start to birth your Legacy work. 

  • Identify your coaching strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Hone in on your niche.
  • Cultivate your thought-leadership.
  • Embody work-life balance and create business on your terms.
  • Start building your own unique frameworks and tools to support your practice.
  • Learn ethical codes of conduct.
  • Create an intake form to identify if this client is a good fit for you.
  • Know when to refer to another coach or professional.


  • Practice whole mind-body coaching
  • Listen more effectively.
  • Cultivate compassion resilience.
  • Pay attention to cues and body language.
  • Ask better questions.
  • Step out of the way of the process.
  • Let go of your personal agenda.
  • And so much more...


Become a more effective psychedelic coach

Starts September 13th

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