December 29th, 2020

Episode #4


The Initiation of Bowing at the Altar of Impermanence with Laura Dawn

In this episode, Laura Dawn explores the overlap and intersection between Eastern philosophy and the psychedelic experience, how we can learn to draw upon the wisdom teachings as a source of strength, and collectively move through this time of metamorphosis and learn to surf the waves of change with grace and ease.

Psychedelics give us the opportunity to reform our beliefs and fundamental models of reality and who we are in a more healthy way.
Laura Dawn


About This Episode:

As we know, this is a time of great change. 

So how do we learn to navigate through major times of transition and learn to surf the waves of rapid change with more grace, ease, courage, and resilience? 

As we close the chapter on 2020, the year of global upheaval, the year the world as we knew it forever changed, how can we find the wisdom to transmute crisis into the catalyst for transformation, the catalyst for our awakening, so we can pass through the portal into 2021, or whatever portal of transition we happen to be moving through so we can be stronger, wiser and more heart-centered leaders on the other side? 

In this solo episode I am going to explore the initiation that many of us are facing right now, the initiation of bowing at the altar of impermanence, and how if we’re willing to make peace with this often very challenging place, it can catalyze a process of metamorphosis in our lives allowing us to be stronger on the other side.

Core Themes

Explored in this episode:
  • Impermanence
  • Navigating transition
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Psychedelics
  • Quantum physics
  • Cultivating courage
  • Letting go

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Episode Transcript

Episode #4: Laura Dawn Psychedelic Leadership Podcast.

Duration: 00:57:24

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Laura Dawn


Host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Laura Dawn is a microdosing mentor for executives and has been leading transformational retreats for over 10 years. Through her signature programs and retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with wisdom to teach business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation. Through mindset and somatic coaching, she inspires people to truly expand the boundaries of what they believe is possible and embark on the path of heart-centered leadership to influence meaningful change.

Laura Dawn has a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and over two decades of exploring altered states of consciousness. Currently, she is completing a Masters in Science specializing in Creativity Studies & Change Leadership, exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative problem-solving to help corporate teams unlock innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face.

Featured Music

Episode #4 of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast features two songs called
“Cradled in the Balance” and “Sunrise”  by Aea Luz


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About Laura Dawn

Through her signature Mastermind Programs and Plant Medicine Retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with ancient wisdom. She teaches business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation, fostering emotional resiliency and unlocking new depths to our creative potential.