A 4-Month Mastermind for SOULPRENEURS Ready to:
Magnetize an Audience, AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT And creatE an offering so unique it stands alone

Is This You?

You know in your bones you are meant to contribute, inspire and elevate others through these extraordinary times of changE, paving a pathway toward planetary healing.
  • You are a purpose-driven, multi-passionate entrepreneur, coach, guide, speaker, healer, content creator, creative... or a combination of all of the above.
  • You're ready to build your personal brand as a thought-leader, grow your audience, and amplify a message you care about.
  • You have big visions and you feel a deep call to birth your legacy work and create an offering so unique it stands alone.



It's difficult to "Find Your Niche" because:

  • The diversity of your passions, interests, and life experiences makes it challenging to fit into a pre-defined niche.
  • You know you have a core message to share, but it hasn't fully crystallized yet.
  • You're still not sure how to connect the dots and combine your plethora of gifts, skills, and talents into a cohesive offering that stands out.


Or, you already know your Niche, BUT...

  • You are bored because you're always talking about the same topics, and it's starting to stifle your creativity.
  • You're concerned that introducing new topics and interests will dilute your brand.
  • You've hit a plateau and your audience reach is stagnating

Niche or Not, You're Struggling with Breaking Through the Noise & Simply Not Willing to Buy into the Dysfunction of Hustle Culture.

You know there's a better, more intuitive, restorative, and aligned way to build a personal brand, amplify your message and build a successful soul-aligned business...

You know what?

You're Right.

Hi, I'm Laura Dawn

(aka LiveFreeLauraD)

And I grew my Instagram following from 30k to 200k in less than a year by sharing more of who I really am and what I genuinely care about..

But before things took off, I was so close to giving up...

For years I faithfully followed the advice to “pick a niche and stay in it.” It did lead to some growth but “niching down” became a cage I couldn’t break free from. 

I stagnated online and despite consistently showing up, my content started getting less and less reach.

I got bored always talking about the same topics, and I started to experience creative burnout. 

I even went through the drama of having my account revoked by Instagram for over 3 months. But even when I got it back (after countless hours of dispute), it was such a struggle to grow that I almost deleted the app and wiped my account on my own accord.

But here's the thing...
I've been an entrepreneur and content creator for over 2 decades – my entire adult life.

I built my first brand to over 1.5 Million followers on Facebook (with an email list of over 50k)...
And I have always known in my bones I was born to have a big impact...

so I wasn't ready to throw in the towel and quit, and I knew if I did, I would always wonder "what if."

One evening I had a profound insight in ceremony. I remembered something crucial that led to my previous success.

And it fully dawned on me:
times have officially changed...

what got me here isn't going to get me to where I want to go. I immediately started experimenting in alignment with my ESSENCE and that's what led to over 200k followers.

But the truth is..​.
It doesn't matter how big your following is! What matters is creating and delivering high quality content and curriculum that can catalyze profound change in people's lives..​

For over a decade I've been launching sold-out six-figure transformational online programs and in-person retreats. ​

Now I want to teach you what I've learned from 20 years of online content creation, curriculum development and brand building... so you can stop struggling, break through the noise, share the message you were born to share, and have the impact you aspire to have.​



Join a 4-month Mastermind to Align with your


and become your
Public service announcement...


Artificial intelligence, the meaning crisis, the loneliness epidemic, climate degradation, an outdated educational system, and other significant factors are the disruptive forces behind the most significant economic paradigm shift we will witness in our lifetime.
All of these factors are waking people up to question what truly gives their lives meaning and a genuine sense of belonging.
These shifts are catalyzing the rise of a new kind of economy...

Welcome to the

Meaning Economy

That rewards Personal Brands for Creativity, No-Bullshit Authenticity, High Quality Content, values-Aligned Choices, And modeling a new way of life.

The old marketing paradigm says that if you want to be an authority, expert, or thought leader, you need to find a profitable niche and drill down into it.

This is terrible advice for today's economy. Why?
People are craving real connection, and when you try to fit into a pre-defined niche, you sterilize the sticky, magnetic, passionate part of you that people genuinely want to connect with, and learn from.



Offering A comprehensive & Strategic Approach
to Becoming Your Niche of One

What you will learn over 4 months:

Owning your Niche of One isn't some random, willy-nilly, do-whatever-you-want approach to personal branding and launching offerings. It requires building an intentional foundation that will serve you for years to come. 

Learn how to build a brand that grows as you grow, and evolves as you evolve, built on the foundation of what you value.
(Like your health, wellbeing and sanity...)






Here is the foundation of that each pillar is built on...
Pillar 1


With the True Essence of Who you are

Your Niche of One is the essence of who you are; the energetic blueprint of your Spirit. It’s the wisdom you carry, the mantras you live by, and what your heart truly longs for.

Learn a step-by-step framework that helps you connect the dots between your passions, skills, values, struggles, and life experiences in a way that amplifies YOU.

Learn to distill your core message into a mantra (and a bio) that becomes the central magnetic focal point – the heartbeat of your brand – a mantra that evolves as your evolve.  

Face & Embrace Your Shadow

There’s a misconception that simply following your passions will lead to your purpose. From my perspective, that’s only half the story.

By opening to your pain alongside your passions, you’ll unearth a much richer, deeper purpose that’s more integrated into who you actually are and the fires you have walked through. 

The more you close the gap between who you really are, and how you show up online, the more successful and magnetic you’ll become.

Pillar 2


Build the Scaffolding For Your Intellectual Capital And The systems to support your ongoing success

Creating an unprecedented body of work that truly transforms peoples lives requires building effective underlying systems to help you streamline your creation process from ideation to implementation.

Developing a strategic system will allow you to build your intellectual capital and thought-leadership through your communication medium of choice. 

  • Get organized and build your "second brain" in a Personal Knowledge Management System (PKM) like Obsidian (or note-taking software of your choice.)
  • Learn how to transform your "note making" into "note taking" and connect ideas to build your own unique frameworks that you become known for.
  • Learn the systems I use to save me time and streamline my business.

Become the Visionary Architect and Designer of Your Ideal Life

& Expand the Boundaries of What You Believe is Possible.

Apply the principles of lifestyle design to create your brand and business as an extension of who you are and the life you truly want to lead.

More than ever, people are hungry to connect with role models who:

  • Prioritize a balanced and restorative approach to holistic well-being, modeling intentional living and alternative lifestyles.
  • Are willing to be real and transparent about their growth process.
  • Are on the journey of figuring out what it means to "do life" and business on their terms without sacrificing what really matters just to "earn a living."
  • Are actually providing real, novel solutions to the challenges they face.
Pillar 3


Connect and blend ideas, passions, skills, values, and experiences into unified and novel frameworks and offerings that are as unique as you Are.

If you aspire to be at the forefront of shifting conventional paradigms...
learn to become a "synthesizer" –
This is how you can become an effective "lighthouse" of sense-making for others.

PSSST: Which is exactly what I'm doing on this landing page.


(noun.) /ˈsin-thə-ˌsī-zər/
  • A person who can skillfully connect diverse pieces of information, ideas, or perspectives into a coherent, unified whole in a way that pushes the boundaries of conventional thought, facilitating deeper understanding while introducing new ways of thinking or doing.
  • A Synthesizer is someone who transforms complexity into clarity, making innovative ideas accessible and actionable to a broader audience, thereby aiding in decision-making, meaning-making, learning, and personal growth.

“Our species and our planet face a new set of challenges that only creativity can solve.”

Chase Jarvis

Cultivate Creative Thinking Skills

With a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership, I will teach you dozens of indispensable creative thinking skills you’ll come to rely on daily to become a more effective thought leader, content creator, and synthesizer.

These skills are what differentiate creators from regurgitators…supporting you on the journey of becoming your niche of one.

  • Learn how to synthesize different ideas, and enhance pattern recognition so you can connect ideas across disciplines in original ways that add value and new perspectives.
  • I'll teach you to leverage Venn diagrams, mind maps, and other tools to support cognitive scaffolding in the creative process.
  • Learn how to cultivate a futures-thinking mindset, zoom out and notice trends, and sense the gaps by paying more attention to what you can't see.
  • Learn to pay attention to the signal amongst the noise, minimize distraction and hone in on what's relevant.
  • Learn to leverage framework-thinking to codify processes so you can package your knowledge and wisdom in a way that tangibly benefits your audience.
  • Learn to integrate AI tools like Chat GPT into your creative process so you can build intellectual capital and avoid going into intellectual debt.
Pillar 4


the essence of who you are through a message that resonates

Share Stories, Ideas and Insights that Resonate, Captivate, and Magnetize Your Audience

Learn how to tell an inspiring story through social media, emails, videos, and landing pages.

Storytelling is not just a method of communication—it’s the most powerful tool at our disposal for influencing meaningful change.

Stories are the bridge that transforms complex ideas into inspiring visions that others can see, feel, and follow.

We are wired to draw upon stories to make sense of who we are. And the more skillful you are at crafting and sharing your own story of transformation, the more you help others do the same.