August 17th, 2023

How I Weave Psychedelics Into My Creative Process as a Content Creator, Entrepreneur & Thought Leader: 7 Pillars of Creative Transformation with
Laura Dawn

About this Episode

In today’s episode, I share the 7 core pillars of how I weave psychedelics into my creative process as a content creator, entrepreneur, and thought-leader.

This episode is the follow up to episode #62 from Ideation to Implementation Psychedelics and the 5 Phases of the Creative Process.

Topics Covered
  • The 7 core pillars of my creative process.
  • Why creativity is inherent in the process of inner transformation, and why creativity and transformation are two sides to the same coin.
  • The essence of what 25 years of journeying with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines has taught me.
  • A definition of creativity.
  • Exploring psychedelics as both “inspirogens” and “ideagens” (and why the names we give psychedelics matter.
  • Monophonic vs. Polyphasic cultures.
  • Understanding that navigating medicine space is a skillset that you can learn to cultivate.
  • Two hidden assumptions that prevent optimized cognition.
  • Why my philosophy of life and creativity are one and the same.
  • Why thinking in frameworks is helpful.
  • My perspective on Intention Setting.
  • The science of imagination.
  • What is an Idea Space?
  • What defines our best ideas?
People & Resources Mentioned
Wat 25 years of journeying with sacred plant medicines have taught m is that we are the architects of our lives and the blueprints reside within the mind - they are crafted and shaped in the dimension of consciousness. And if we choose to work with psychedelic medicines and engage with them from this particular lens, then these medicines can become powerful co-creative allies in the crafting and shaping of those blueprints and, ultimately, the shaping of our lives.
Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn, M.Sc Biography

Laura Dawn, M.Sc. is a keynote speaker and host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast. 

Combining over 25 years of exploring altered states of consciousness, with a Master of Science in Creativity & Change Leadership, Laura Dawn is at the forefront of weaving psychedelic medicines, creativity, and the wisdom and science of transformation, helping leaders become more creative, flexible, adaptive, and resilient in the face of accelerating change.

Your idea space represents both the physical space and the abstract space where ideas exist. And once you start paying more attention to your mental landscape, you can learn methods and tools to heighten your experience of that space, and leverage it to improve your capacity to think.
Laura Dawn

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About Laura Dawn

Through her signature Mastermind Programs and Plant Medicine Retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with ancient wisdom. She teaches business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation, fostering emotional resiliency and unlocking new depths to our creative potential.