Supporting Women Leaders

In the Psychedelic Space

Your Message Is Your Medicine

A 12-Week Psychedelic Leadership Mastermind for Medicine Women Entrepreneurs,
Healers, Leaders & Creatives


If you would still like to apply, you will be applying for the next cohort ~ September

Starts March 2nd - May 18th

Leading Through The Fire

Are you feeling the call to step out and contribute your voice to the medicine movement?

I know how scary and vulnerable it is to put yourself out there, especially when it comes to stepping out with a message or an offering in the psychedelic space.

It brings up and triggers all of our core stuff – especially our deepest fears.

Fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure. And of course, there are real concerns around legalities.

You might be thinking:

Who am I to lead in the psychedelic space? 

What if people judge me? 

How do I know if I’m ready or “qualified” to lead or contribute?

You might also be feeling super resistant to “marketing” yourself. 

Trust me, I totally get it. I’ve had to face all of these questions and so much more. 

Your Message is Your Medicine

Yes, those fears are real. But you know what? You have a message inside of you. And that message is also your  medicine. This medicine is unique to you, and only you can offer it to the world. 

Choosing to face your fears and share your message from a place of centered alignment is a profound path towards both your deepest levels of healing as well as your highest potential and personal growth.  

Stepping out with your core message and offering becomes your path of transformation as the inner vision you hold not only guides you but literally shapes you into the woman you are giving yourself permission to embody and become. 

We need more women contributing their voices to the psychedelic movement. It’s actually imperative that we carve out a seat at the table to bring a balanced perspective and directly contribute to shaping this rapidly growing and emergent new space.


Are You Ready to Choose
Courage Over Comfort?

Now is the time to face your fears and leap with courage to lead through the fire. 

I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can tell you is that it’s 100% worth it.

Here's What We'll Cover

(on the outer level)

Carve Out Your Niche:

There is nothing but opportunity for heart-centered leaders in the psychedelic space who are dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Many people are creating new possibilities by carving out a niche that feels genuine and unique to them. 

I will teach you a simple and effective method that allows you to hone in on and cultivate a niche that is unique to you, your embodied experience, and your zone of genius.

Define and Refine Your Core Message:

Once you know your niche, it’s about crafting your core message. It’s okay if you’re not 100% clear on your core message or core offering – yet. And even if you are clear on your message, there’s always room for refinement. Just like polishing a diamond, this is a process that evolves over time. 

Maybe you feel like you have too many core messages? This is also very common, and I’ll show you a simple way to weave those various threads into a beautiful tapestry called your core message. 

By learning a very simple process, I will show you how to craft a core message that is in resonant alignment with your Spirit’s calling.

The Path of Service: Crafting an Offering Around Your Core Message:

 It’s one thing to share a message and it’s another thing entirely to craft an offering in this space. This is where we need to balance self permission with an enormous amount of self-responsibility so we move in this space with humility and integrity. 

We will explore questions like: 

  • Are you ready to put out an offering?
  • How will you structure it? 
  • Who is your offering for? 
  • What “should” you charge for your offerings and how do you make it accessible to everyone? 
  • What could an offering look like that ensures participants safety? (Understanding medical contraindications, liability waivers, etc.) 
  • How do you craft and structure an offering that taps into your unique genius?
Shamanic Business Q&A


In addition to the three core pillars: defining your niche, your message, and your offering, we will allocate two sessions to business Q&A, exploring other topics related to developing your professional offering. 

We will poll the group before these sessions and focus on the most frequently asked questions. 

This might include questions like:  

  • How do I start growing my email list? 
  • How do I develop a brand that is in resonance with who I am?
  • What kind of content strategy should I consider?
  • What additional education, mentorship or training might I want to consider?
  • What kind of additional support might I call in from spiritual advisors, elders or a peer group? 
  • What do I need to consider when speaking about my offering online? 
  • How do I build a media kit?
  • What are legal risks I need to be aware of?  

Here's What We'll Cover

(on the inner level)

The Hustle is Canceled.

Optimal Performance with a Shamanic Feminine Twist

Welcome to the Ceremony of Life

There is a blueprint for up-leveling. 

There are codes for taking what you’re offering this world – your path of service – to a whole new level.

And that codes reside in your mind, your body, and your heart; and in the alignment of all three. 

You don’t have to struggle, or push or prove yourself to be successful.

A meaningful life is crafted by intentional design, and your prayers are powerful.

This program offers a blueprint for optimizing your life to nurture your body temple as your creative channel so you can have the greatest impact on the world.

Stop struggling. Start aligning. 

And tap into the frequency of inspiration. 










Thinking Bigger

You are a visionary.

Holding an inner vision is one thing, and then taking action to make that vision a reality becomes a life-long path that requires a certain kind of mindset training. 

Sometimes we have to unlearn what we’ve been taught in order to remember we are capable of accomplishing our visions.  

Sacred plant medicines are “visionary” allies, teaching us how to remember the visionary that lives within each of us.

When you go within and hold an expansive inner vision, you then need to move beyond who you think you are and what you think you’re capable of. 

You can only create at the level of your thinking; this is the time for thinking bigger.

Embodied Leadership

When you hold an expanded vision, you then need to train your body and your nervous system to BECOME the woman who can rise to the occasion and step into alignment with that vision, so you can create, live and lead at the level you are dreaming of. 

It’s not enough to just hold an inner vision, you have to walk the talk. Are you embodying your message? Are you embodying the woman you are becoming? 

Codes for up-leveling reside in the body. This is about nervous system regulation, and the secrets of optimal stress management. Walking the path of Mastery requires daily practice and sacred devotion to tending to your body temple.  

Awakened Heart

Stepping out means meeting your growth edge.  This is where you’re confronted with all of your limiting beliefs and old narratives that no longer serve you.

An essential part of up-leveling is learning to befriend your inner fears. It’s about training the body to stay centered in the middle of discomfort with an open heart and an open mind.

This path requires courage, strength, resilience, long-term  perseverance and graceful grit. You know what fuels this kind of stamina? Connecting to a bigger purpose that’s aligned with your passion. Purpose is the deeper why, and it moves you out of solely focusing on Self to reorient you towards the greater good. This is about dedicating your life to be in service to the awakening of humanity. 


This is the path of the Bodhisattva, also known as the compassionate spiritual warrior. 

Women Supporting Women






Guest Speakers

Torie Feldman From Sacred Ancestry

Torie Feldman from Sacred Ancestry will be joining us April 6th to share her wisdom on the importance of Shadow work and Emotional Alchemy. 

Torie Feldman is an Ancestral Healing Guide and Women’s Spiritual Mentor. She guides women through ancestral connection practices to heal their lineages so they can embody the wisdom of their ancestors and tap into their unique feminine magic. After immersing in countless spiritual paths and lineages, Torie experienced a radical awakening that changed her life forever when she visited her ancestral homelands. Ancestral connection brought her the embodiment and healing she had been searching for her entire life. Torie specializes in the intersection of ancestral healing and feminine embodiment — and she is passionate about helping women to connect to their ancestors, trust their magic, and embody their full-spectrum spiritual gifts.

Natasja Pelgrom From Awaken the Medicine Within

Natasja Pelgrom from Awaken the Medicine Within will be joining us May 4th to share her wisdom about how to tune into and align with our inner intuitive wisdom so we can create from that sacred place.

Natasja Pelgrom is a mystic, devoted creative, and visionary whose life’s work is to lead spiritual experiences that support others in their journey of healing and transformational growth. Natasja is the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within  Retreats and Programs. She is a highly intuitive guide and has held training, assisting, and facilitation roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies. She has also advised and curated healing programs for other (psychedelic) wellness companies. Natasja continues to teach empowerment workshops and has developed an online psychedelic integration and self-love program. One of her latest successes is the launch of The Awaken Podcast with the series “Women in Psychedelics”.

Remember Why You Came Here...

If I had to guess, I’d bet:
  • You came here to grow, to learn, and evolve
  • You came here to create.
  • You came here to lead.
  • You came here to influence meaningful change.
And I want to help you do that on a level you know within your heart is possible.

Joining this program is by application only to ensure this is a good fit for everyone.

Laura Dawn, M.Sc

Author, Keynote Speaker
& Host of the Psychedelic
Leadership Podcast
Laura Dawn, M.Sc. has a graduate degree in creativity studies and change leadership, and is at the forefront of exploring the intersection between psychedelics, creative problem solving and leadership development.

Laura Dawn built her first online brand to over 1.5 million fans on Facebook, and has been leading transformational retreats for over a decade inspiring people to wake up to greater possibility in their lives

My Approach

As a life-long entrepreneur and creator with over 20 years experience exploring altered states of consciousness, and over 10 years of leading transformational retreats, my signature programs weave the wisdom traditions of Eastern philosophy and the latest research in science, backed by decades of experience.

I combine neuroscience, mindfulness, mindset coaching, somatic awareness and embodiment practices, leadership development and emotional intelligence, the science and ceremony of ritual and daily practice, creativity and resilience research, and a depth of personal experience walking the medicine path as a creative visionary entrepreneur.

Lives changed


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Scholarships are available for BIPOC community.

Joining this program is by application only to ensure this is a good fit for everyone.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Who is This Program For?
  • Medicine women entrepreneurs, healers, leaders and creatives who want to define their niche, refine their message and start crafting an offering in the psychedelics space. This is about connecting with a group of other powerful women (that includes you) who want to support each other on this path. 
When Do We Meet?
  • We meet on Wednesday mornings at 9am PST starting on March 2nd, 2022. We will be meeting for 12 weeks in a row. 
  • Laura Dawn will be leading 9 of the sessions and we will have special guest speakers for 3 of the weeks. 
How Long Are Sessions?
  • Sessions are an hour and 45 minutes.  Laura Dawn will be teaching live for an hour and 15 minutes, followed by a 30 minute breakout session with the sub cohort of women you’ve been assigned to. 
  • If you are accepted into this mastermind, when you join you will be assigned to a sub-group of women. In addition to the weekly breakout sessions, you can also meet with your group as frequently as you like.  
What Platforms Are We Using?
  • We use Mighty Networks to house all recordings and additional content (so if you miss a session, don’t worry, you can access the recording). We meet on Zoom and we will also have a signal thread as well.  

Have Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions that weren’t covered here, please send the team a message and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

Please read this page in it’s entirety as most information is already covered here. 

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Embody the Creative Visionary Leader You were born to be & Support the Awakening of Humanity

Walk the Medicine Path & Dance in the Ceremony of Life.