A 4-Day Online Retreat For SoulPreneurs to


with your passion, purpose & Highest Priorities

If You Are...

A coach, guide, healer, or content creator in service to your higher purpose, and you are walking the path of sacred entrepreneurship...

then you already know that being a soulpreneur is not for the faint of heart.

This path will test you on every level, especially in today's constantly shifting economic and social media landscape.

If You Are

  • Starting to brush up against burnout.
  • Feeling overstretched, overwhelmed, and like you're pushing a boulder uphill more often than you'd like to admit.
  • Not having the impact you would like to have.
  • So busy keeping up with the daily demands (hello social media!) that you're losing sight of your bigger vision.
  • Losing the spark of inspiration that called you to your path of purpose in the first place...

It's time to take a sacred pause and hit the reset button.

Hi, I'm Laura Dawn

(aka LiveFreeLauraD)

I have been a multi-passionate visionary soulpreneur and content creator walking the plant medicine path my entire adult life.

I’m not going to tell you a story about how I used to struggle with overwhelm and exhaustion as an entrepreneur, and now, poof, everything is magically better because I’ve figured it all out.

Birthing your legacy work is like walking the path of the sacred warrior. It requires serious stamina and ongoing resilience to stick with a path that requires – demands – such a high level of mastery and ongoing devotion.

Truthfully, I still struggle with overcommitting, taking on too much, spreading myself too thin, and not taking enough rest because I have a deep desire to make a significant impact in the world…

But I can genuinely say that I’m in a much better place than I used to be because I did hit a point where I knew that something had to give.

I knew that if I didn’t make a real shift I would eventually burn out –and then I wouldn’t be much benefit anyone.

In that moment I made a firm decision that even though I want to have an impact, it’s not worth sacrificing my health for it.

Out of desperation, I needed to find a solution...

And it started by coming to terms with these 3 hard truths:

If I truly want to amplify my impact, I will need to...

  • Stop trying to "do it all" and instead, focus on doing what matters most.
  • Be as committed to resting and playing as I am to working and creating.
  • Get serious about scheduling time to step back, look at the bigger picture, reconnect to my inner vision, and re-evaluate where I'm investing my time, energy and attention.

Committing to these 3 shifts became a total game changer for me and my business.

The more I intentionally carved out time to pause, reflect and re-evaluate, the more successful I became. Over time I developed a powerful framework I call “the 3 seeds practice” that I still use to this day…  

And I want to teach my framework to you...

Join Me for a 4-day
IMMERSIVE ONLINE weekend retreat to Hit:

Reset is designed to help you receive the RnR you need to:

  • Reconnect with your inner vision and highest calling.
  • Realign with your deepest values and what you hold sacred.
  • Reevaluate and strategically remove non-essentials to reduce overwhelm.
  • Reclaim the best use of your time, energy, and attention.
  • Recalibrate your nervous system to prevent burnout.
  • Redesign your life and business for amplified impact and restored sanity.
  • Redefine success on your own terms.

What will you walk away with?

In one word...


The most successful people know that clarity is a superpower.

Clarity effects every single aspect of our lives. As Seneca said: “There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.”  

Think of clarity as the center spoke of a wheel – the wheel of your life and business. When you are clear on each endpoint, the wheel turns effortlessly and flows smoothly.

When you aren’t clear, the wheel wobbles, goes off course, or easily gets stuck.

"Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity."
~ James clear
Your Pathway toward
Flourishing & Fulfilment
This is the era of...











Weaves The wisdom and science of what makes a good life worth living.


The 3 seeds framework weaves together aspects of Eastern philosophy, positive and performance psychology, behavioral sciences, neuroscience, creativity research, somatic psychology, leadership development and the wisdom of Nature.

What people are saying about the
3-Seeds Framework taught during RESET

Build your life on the foundation of what you care about.

In a culture that constantly
pressures us to:

do more...

have more...

and be more...

it takes courage to swim against the tide and consciously choose LESS

But if you learn how to become more intentional about your choices, in the process of choosing less you gain something far more valuable:

  • freedom
  • flow
  • fulfillment
  • Impact

is like spring cleaning for your personal and professional life.

When was the last time you took a step back to look at the bigger picture of your life to ask yourself...

Is the ladder I’m climbing up actually leaning against the right wall? Am I working toward building a life that’s actually meaningful for me? Or am I living up to someone else’s standards?


  • balance
  • prioritize
  • calibrate
  • focus
  • fine
  • define
  • align
  • new
  • set
  • connect

You have the option to live passively by default or intentionally design your life – the decision is entirely yours.


Meet Your Instructor

Laura Dawn, M.Sc

keynote speaker, mentor, teacher, and retreat facilitator, Laura Dawn has been studying and teaching the wisdom and science of inner transformation for 25 years.

Laura Dawn has built and grown several prominent online brands, including her first online brand to over 1.5 Million followers on Facebook with a heart-aligned mission to spread positivity around the world. After selling that brand for six figures, she went on to build a volcanic hotspring retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii and another 6-figure online wellness brand.

Combining over 25 years of exploring altered states of consciousness, with a Master of Science in Creativity & Change Leadership, Laura Dawn is at the forefront of weaving psychedelic medicines, creativity, and the wisdom and science of transformation, helping leaders become more creative, flexible, adaptive, and resilient in the face of accelerating change.

Through her signature online programs and in-person retreats, Laura Dawn supports entrepreneurs, creatives and visionary thought-leaders to expand what they believe is possible and amplify their impact by learning how to express their unique creative genius. 

Let's Get Logistical

RESET is an Intensive and Immersive 4-Day Online Retreat designed to help you stay focused on the process.

12 Hours of Live, Real Time Sessions

Are included in this retreat
Thursday June 27th
⋙Session # 1 is a live 2-hour session from 8-10am PST led by Laura Dawn.
Friday June 28th
⋙ Session # 2 is a live 2-hour session from 8-10am PST led by Laura Dawn.

⋙ 2-3pm PST: Bonus session to connect with the community through interactive breakout groups.
Saturday June 29th
⋙ Session # 3 is a live 2-hour session from 8-10am PST led by Laura Dawn

⋙ 2-4pm PST: Bonus Q&A session with Laura Dawn and then breakout groups to connect with the community through interactive exercises.
Sunday June 30th
⋙ Session # 4 is a live 90 minute session from 8-10:30am PST led by Laura Dawn

30 minute break

Session # 5 is a live 90 minute session from 11-12:30 am PST led by Laura Dawn

Interactive & Experiential Learning

At it's best

Reflective journaling practices

Opening & Closing Rituals

Guided meditation and centering practices

Visionary practices to expand what you believe is possible

Embodiment Practices to embrace the vision of who you are becoming.

Learn to use creative thinking tools, like mind maps, Matrix & Venn Diagrams

Real Time Coaching Sessions

Bonus Breakout Group Sessions to Extend Your Learning

Live Q&A

Are you ready to



4-Day Online Weekend Retreat
$ 888 one time payment
  • 4 Day Online Reset with Laura Dawn
Begins June 27th


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Have more Questions:

Email support@lauradawn.co

Here is the schedule in Full: 

  • Thursday June 27th: session #1 from 8-10am PST
  • Friday June 28th: session # 2 from 8-10am PST 
  • Friday June 28th: Bonus session from 3-4 PST to connect with others in the community.
  • Saturday June 29th: session # 3 from 8-10am PST 
  • Saturday June 29th: Bonus session from 2-4 PST for Live Q&A and to connect with others in the community.
  • Sunday June 30th:  session #4 from 8-10:30 am PST 
  • 30 minute break 
  • Sunday June 30th:  session #5 from 11-12:30 am PST 

This reset retreat is an intensive with 12 hours of live class time. Three of those hours are bonus sessions for live Q&A as well as time to connect with others in the community through breakout group sessions. 

If you can’t make any of the live calls due to time zone differences or scheduling conflicts, all sessions will be immediately uploaded to Mighty Networks and you will have access to watch the replays within one hour of the live class.  

Nope! All genders are welcome.  

On Zoom. Once you register, you will receive all the details to help you prepare for the weekend reset retreat. 

Zoom & Mighty networks 

Once you register, you will receive an onboarding email with all the details you need to prepare for this weekend. 

On the Mighty Networks platform.  

Forever. You can download the recordings and PDF to your computer.