Translate Altered States into
Amplified Impact

A 9-month mastermind
for Psychedelic Entrepreneurs and
visionary thought leaders
ready to birth their legacy

September 27th, 2024

Transmission is for you if:

You walk the medicine path with an unshakable knowing that you are meant to create a unique body of work that significantly contributes to the betterment of humanity.

And you are ready to:

  • Deepen your medicine practice to help you birth your legacy in service to the Earth.
  • Grow your personal brand and break through the noise to amplify a message you care about.
  • Discover how altered states of consciousness can enhance creative cognition and strengthen your thought-leadership.
  • Step into your Niche of One and create an offering so unique it stands alone.

My name is Laura Dawn

And transmission is the pinnacle of my life's work

Master of Science in Creativity….

Everything that I have created has birthed from visionary states. 

But before things took off, I was so close to giving up...

For more years than I’d like to admit, I stagnated online, and despite consistently showing up, my content started getting less and less reach.

I got bored always talking about the same topics, and I was starting to experience creative burnout. 

I went through the drama of having my account revoked by Instagram for over 3 months. But even when I got it back (after countless hours of dispute), it was such a struggle to grow that I almost deleted the app and wiped my account on my own accord.

But here's the thing...
I had previously built two very successful online brands, Including my first brand to over 1.5 Million followers on Facebook (with an email list of over 50k)...

AND, I'm so freaking passionate about my message, I know in my bones I'm meant to share it with millions of people, for the benefit of this precious planet we live on...

so I wasn't ready to throw in the towel and quit, and I knew if I did, I would never forgive myself.

Most people don’t know that I built my very first online brand to over 1.5 Million followers on Facebook, because I rarely, if ever, talk about it. It was a passion project focused on spreading positivity that I ended up selling for 6 figures, allowing me to build a retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii.

About 8 months ago, in the middle of a ceremony, I had a profound insight, where I remembered a single foundational principle that led to the success of my first online brand, allowing me to shift my perspective and look at my current brand through a totally different lens.

I realized that what got me here wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to go.

Something profound shifted within me that night, and I immediately started experimenting with a refined and pivoted strategy that felt easier, more aligned, and intuitive.

That experiment has led to a handful of reels going viral with one reel receiving upwards of 12M views.

I’ve grown over 120k and still rapidly growing, and I’ve (almost) doubled my email list in a very short amount of time.

Since I transitioned from “Niching Down” to “Niche of One”, everything has clicked in a different way.

Because I’ve already taught business and branding courses, and have been business coaching for over two decades, I immediately started systematizing my process, and revamping my previous program called Your Message in Your Message (taught to women in the psychedelic space) applying these new principles to Niche of One.

I started paying attention to a specific signal amongst the noise, witnessing a few other very successful “influencers” starting to hint at similar trends they are noticing and the intentional shifts they are making as a result.

If you don’t know what to look for, it’s hard to see and fully comprehend the changes unfolding in this new economy (more about that below).

But once you see it, it’s impossible to unsee.

I want to teach you what I've learned from 20 years of online content creation and brand building, so you can stop struggling, break through the noise and share the message you were born to share.

The truth is, there's never been a better time to build a following, inspire a meaningful movement and create a personal brand and offering so unique, it stands alone.



Join A 3-Month Mastermind Starting March 15th

And learn how to thrive in thE new economy...
Public service announcement...


Artificial intelligence, the meaning crisis, the loneliness epidemic, climate degradation, and other significant factors are the disruptive forces behind the most significant economic paradigm shift we will likely witness in our lifetime.

All of these factors are waking people up to question what truly gives their lives meaning and a genuine sense of belonging. These shifts are catalyzing the rise of a new kind of economy...

Welcome to the

Meaning Economy

That rewards Personal Brands for Creativity, No-Bullshit Authenticity, values-Aligned Choices, And modeling a new way of life.

More than ever, people are hungry for real connection, and they are seeking out inspiring role models who:

  • Prioritize a balanced and restorative approach to holistic well-being, modeling intentional living and alternative lifestyles.
  • Genuinely want to cultivate authentic relationships with their audience, versus simply transactional exchanges.
  • Are willing to be real and transparent about their growth process.
  • Are on the journey of figuring out what it means to "do life" and business on their terms without sacrificing what really matters just to "earn a living."

All I can say is: Hallelujah. It's about freaking time.


Core Topics Covered Over the 3 Months

A Strategic Approach to Owning Your Niche of One

Your Niche of One is a reflection of who you are, the wisdom you carry, the mantras you live by, and the life you lead.

But stepping into your Niche of One isn’t some random, willy-nilly, do-whatever-you-want approach to personal branding. 

I will teach you a focused strategy, and a step-by-step framework that helps you connect the dots between your passions, skills, values, struggles, and experiences in a way that amplifies a core message, inspiring meaningful change.

The old marketing paradigm says that if you want to be an authority, expert, or thought leader, you need to find a profitable niche and niche down into it.

This is terrible advice for today's economy. Why?

People are craving real connection, and when you try to fit into a pre-defined niche, you sterilize the sticky, magnetic, passionate part of you that people genuinely want to connect with, and learn from.

The most successful personal brands thriving in the new economy have one central theme in common:
they are embracing...


This is a 180 degree shift from "Niching Down."

Learn how to build a brand that grows as you grow, and evolves as you evolve, built on the foundation of what you value.
(Like your health, wellbeing and sanity...)

Apply the Principles of Lifestyle Design to Build a Personal Brand

Your personal brand is not only an extension and reflection of your lifestyle, but also the vision of who you are, and who you are becoming. 

Take a moment to assess your current reality: 

  • Are you authentically living out your dreams?
  • Do you reside in a place that resonates with your soul?
  • Are you prioritizing your well-being?
  • Do you have the time, flexibility, and spaciousness you desire?
  • Is your income level and the quality of your relationships aligned with your aspirations?
  • Are you contributing at the level you know you are capable of?

Build An Audience While Expanding What You Believe Is Possible.
It's a Win- Win.

Stepping on the path of leveling up your impact is all about meeting your growth edge. It's a journey of spiritual self-development, and it will inevitably unveil areas ripe for improvement in your life.

Sharing your journey of transmuting limiting beliefs into empowering ones as you deepen on your path of meaningful contribution is how you build a personal brand in alignment with your Divine Assignment, inspiring others to do the same.

Define & Refine Your Core Message

Think of your core message as the wisdom that guides you toward living a more fulfilling, balanced, connected, and meaningful life.

Learning how to distill your core message into a mantra that becomes the central magnetic focal point – the heartbeat of your brand – is a journey of self-discovery that requires persistence and patience. 

As you grow and evolve, so will your core message. You will learn a methodology you can rely on time and time again to help you clarify and refine your core message as an extension of your lived experience and the wisdom you embody.

Magnetize an audience that loves you for who you are, not for what you sell. These are the people who stick with you for the long run, supporting the evolution of your offerings.

For almost a decade...

I've been launching sold-out
six-figure online programs
and in-person retreats.

And for the first time ever, I'm teaching the mindset, methodology and creative thinking skills behind my success.

(because regardless of follower count, you still need to deliver a unique, transformative and exceptionaLLy High-Value experience for those who choose to work with you.)

If you want to stay relevant, having an impact and support others through these times of rapid (and disorienting) change in the age of Artificial Intelligence, it's imperative to learn the skillsets and mindsets to establish yourself as a Thought Leader...

or what I call: a HARMONIZER.


(noun.) /ˈhär-mə-nī-zər/
  • A Harmonizer is person who can skillfully connect diverse pieces of information, ideas, or perspectives into a coherent, unified whole in a way that pushes the boundaries of conventional thought, facilitating deeper understanding while introducing new ways of thinking or doing.
  • A Harmonizer is someone who transforms complexity into clarity, making innovative ideas accessible and actionable to a broader audience, thereby aiding in decision-making, meaning-making, learning, and personal growth.

Learn the Core Skillsets, Mindsets & Heartsets to Thrive in a New Era

The currencies of the new economy are creativity, heart-centered communication, and meaningful contribution. Period.

When you learn the skillsets and the mindsets of a HARMONIZER, you'll not only become your
Niche of One, you'll also have all the ingredients to fully step into alignment with your Divine Assignment and birth a Legacy of Love.

Creativity Is Now Recognized as the most important skillset of our time.

“Our species and our planet face a new set of challenges that only creativity can solve.” ~ Chase Jarvis 

Creative Thinking Skills

With a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership, I will teach you dozens of indispensable creative thinking skills you’ll come to rely on daily to become a more effective thought leader and harmonizer.

These skills are what differentiate creators from regurgitators…supporting you on the journey of becoming your niche of one.

  • Learn how to synthesize and harmonize different ideas, enhance pattern recognition so you can connect ideas across disciplines in original ways that add value and new perspectives.
  • I'll teach you to leverage Venn diagrams, mind maps, and other tools to support cognitive scaffolding in the creative process.
  • Learn how to cultivate a futures-thinking mindset, zoom out and notice trends, and sense the gaps by paying more attention to what you can't see.
  • I'll teach you specific techniques to pay attention to the signal amongst the noise, minimizing distraction and honing in on what's relevant.
  • Learn to leverage framework-thinking to codify processes so you can package your knowledge and wisdom in a way that tangibly benefits your audience.
  • Learn to integrate AI tools like Chat GPT into your creative process so you can build intellectual capital and avoid going into intellectual debt.
  • Learning these skill sets will open channels of new inspiration toward generating unlimited content creation ideas for emails, free opt-ins, and social media that amplify what makes you...you.

Share Stories that Resonate, Captivate, Magnetize, and Engage Your Audience

Storytelling is not just a method of communication—it’s an essential instrument for shaping the future, making it the most powerful tool at our disposal.

We are wired for story; it’s the thread that weaves through the fabric of our being, connecting us to others and the world around us. Through stories, we find meaning, understanding, and a sense of belonging. They are the language of our experience, the heartbeat of human connection.

Because stories naturally captivate attention, in the hands of a skilled storyteller, the written word and spoken voice can unlock a transformative force for inspiring change and broadening perspectives.

Stories are the bridge that transforms complex concepts and ideas into compelling narratives that craft a meaningful vision that others can see, feel, and follow.


Emotional Intelligence: Face & Embrace Your Shadow

There’s a misconception that simply following your passions will lead to your purpose. Cultivating the courage to open toward your pain and learning how to transmute it into wisdom is the other (perhaps more powerful) half of the story.

By opening to your pain alongside your passions, you’ll unearth a much richer, deeper purpose that’s more integrated into who you actually are. And the more you close the gap between who you really are, and how you show up online, the more successful and magnetic you’ll become.

Included in this program is a

28-Day Social Media Challenge

Learn Strategies that Resonate

The same strategies that led to over 120k new followers on Instagram in 6 months...and it's easier than you might think.

Apply What You're Learning & Meet Your Growth Edge in Real Time.

If you struggle to show up and show your face on social media, this 28-day sprint is going to help you overcome the resistance that most people feel, relax in your own skin, and unlock your pathway to authentic growth. 

If you’re comitted to the social media game, but you’re not enjoying the process, that hustle and grind you struggle with is the essence of what’s blocking your growth. 

After you understand the larger framework of sharing content as a Niche of One, this will fundamentally shift your relationship with social media and content creation.

We'll also cover the nitty gritty practicalities of content batching, content calendars, the gear I use to keep the content creation process simple, and other foundations to build a system that allows you to streamline your content creation process without burning out. 

We'll address common fears of being seen,  how to overcome cancel culture anxiety, and how to prepare yourself (and your nervous system) for the portal of initiation that awaits you when you start to grow.

Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Email List

After 20 years of online content creation and brand building, the only thing that hasn't changed is this:

Email is still KING: Your ROI is in your list.

If you are posting on social media everyday, and it's not directly growing your email list, I'm so sorry to inform you, but this is the biggest mistake you could possibly make.

I was launching 6-figure programs before I blew up on social media because I know the value of having an email list.

Join Niche of One and learn how to grow your list as the foundation of a successful brand and business.



  • Clarify your core message by uncovering the golden thread woven through your life.
  • Break through the noise on social media and grow your audience online by being true to who you are.
  • Start or grow your email list.
  • Learn the skillsets and mindsets to establish yourself as a thought-leader.
  • Align more deeply with your unique pathway to purpose.
  • Build a business on the foundation of what you care about.
  • Create sustainable success by generating "Resonant Revenue."
  • Learn the creative thinking skills that will keep you future-proof in today's economy.
  • Birth a legacy of love.
  • Weave intention, ritual and ceremony back into your life and business.

Benefits You'll Receive by Joining
"Niche of One"

(Shall I keep Going?)

Embrace the Diversity of Your Identity

Acknowledge and embrace the diversity within yourself. Understand how your varied interests and skills are not just disparate elements but parts of a coherent whole.

Learn to Vision Beyond Boundaries

A successful path is always paved by beginning with the end in mind. Embrace the power of cultivating clarity and learn how to create a resonant vision for your life and business that truly expands what you believe is possible.

Clarify & Reconnect with your WHY

Your WHY is the heartbeat of your mission. It's what gives you strength and resilience when the going gets tough. This is an essential part of the process, not to be skipped over.

Align Your Business with Your Inner Truth

It's time to ditch old-school marketing and business paradigms and develop a business model that resonates deeply with your core values and authentic self.

Create a Business That Feels Like A Natural Extension Of Who You Are

Don't build your life around your business, forcing you to make sacrifices that often lead to burnout. Becoming your niche allows you to generate resonant revenue as an extension of who you are, what you're learning, how you're growing, what inspires you, and what you care about.

Intentionally Design a Business That Adapts & Evolves With You

Create a flexible and resilient business model that evolves as you grow and as your passions and interests evolve. In your niche of one, there's always breathing room for you to grow.

Find a Creative Work Rhythm that Nourishes & Sustains You

Learn to pace your work in harmony with your personal energy cycles, preventing burnout and fostering creativity and productivity.

Create Sustainable Work-Life Integrated Balance

Establish a business structure that complements, rather than competes with, your personal life.