Your Message Is

Your Medicine

An 8-Week Intensive Program for Medicine Women Entrepreneurs

Starts October 26th, 2022


Female Entrepreneurs



Align with your Authentic Voice,
Embody Your Core Message,
Carve out Your Niche &
Cultivate Your Unique Offering

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Women Supporting Women

Laura Dawn holds such a unique, supportive and inspiring space for women to really mine the beautiful gems of their message and translate them into something that can be shared with the world. During my time in this program I connected some powerful dots in my own story, stepped into my medicine in a big way and got really clear on my message which has been a total game changer in how I operate my business. I would repeat this program every year if I could!
Juliana Rose Goldstone, Psychedelic Integration coach

The 3 Core Pillars of What You'll Learn

Let's get down to business
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Carve Out Your Niche

Learn a simple yet highly effective methodology for honing in on and carving out your niche in the medicine space that is unique to you, your embodied experience, and your zone of genius.

During this process, you’ll learn a range of invaluable creative thinking skills that you can apply to other areas of your business and will help you cultivate a mindset that will support you in launching offerings that stand out from the crowd. 

During this process, you’ll learn how to define who your ideal client base is, which is foundational for launching a successful offering. 

I’m going to teach you highly effective tools for success that have become a foundational part of my business strategy that I continue to use at every phase of my entrepreneurial process. 

Define and Refine Your Core Message:

Once you hone in on your niche, it’s about crafting your core message. Learning to articulate your core message is what makes you a thought leader that can inspire and influence change. 

Sure, there will likely be other people in your niche. That’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity. First of all, I’m a believer that there’s room for everyone. Secondly, your core message (and a unique offering) is what sets you apart. 

No one else has walked your path. You are the only one who can share the wisdom you’ve learned from your life. Even if other people share your niche, no one is going to teach the way you teach or share the stories that have shaped who you are. 


I’ll walk you through a specific process that allows you to uncover a message that is an extension of your zone of genius and your lived experience that’s rooted in alignment with what you value and what you stand for. 

PS: Even if you are already clear on your core message, I’m going to teach you how to refine it. Because just like you, your core message also evolves over time. These are tools you can come back to over and over again. 

Start Crafting an Offering

Once you find a niche that you can own like a badass and articulate a core message that exemplifies your expertise and thought leadership, I’ll show you how to start crafting an offering that stands out from the crowd. 

As a teacher, guide, coach or mentor, it’s helpful to develop your own signature frameworks and teaching methodologies to support other people on their journey towards healing and transformation. 

I’ll teach you tools and techniques for refining your signature methodology and how to leverage it as a unique selling feature for your offering. 

You’ll Walk Away with Clarity Around: 
  • Who your offering is for
  • How to structure your offerings
  • What to charge for your offerings
  • Ethical business practices to make your offerings accessible.
  • How your offering fits within the larger framework of your business and content strategy. 
  • Best practices for growing your email list.
  • A sample outline for a sales landing page. 
  • Best practices for writing a bio you can use across platforms.
Your Messags is Your Medicine completely changed the way I do my work. It helped me clarify with great precision my unique message and gift to offer the world. What I learned in this container continues to inspire me and guide me in my work. I reached many milestones in my business while in the program, like getting my first speaking gig at an event and creating a unique methodology that I have woven into the fabric of my brand. Overall it was an absolutely beautiful experience.
Serena Mann
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You might be thinking...


I feel the call to step out and contribute my voice to the medicine movement…BUT…


  • Who am I to lead in the psychedelic space?
  • What if people judge me?
  • Or what if...I get cancelled?!
  • Uh...also...I hate "marketing" myself!
  • How do I know if I'm qualified?

Trust Me, I totally get it… 

I know how scary and vulnerable it is to put yourself out there, especially when it comes to stepping out with a clear message and a strong offering in the psychedelic space.

It can trigger all of our core stuff – especially our deepest fears…fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of judgment. 

I’ve been through it, and this is why I created Your Message Is Your Medicine…

Why Your Message is Your Medicine?

Let Me Introduce You to...Your Growth Edge

Using your voice to share a message and launching an offering can be a rapid catalyst for personal growth, healing, and inner transformation.
When you choose to meet your fears with courage, lean into the discomfort, and take a step past your edge, you are actively transmuting limiting beliefs into empowering ones.
That’s because you have to confront the voice in your head that whispers “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t deserve this” or “who am I to lead in this way?”
Stepping into resonant alignment with what you know in your heart to be true is a process of fully claiming and embodying your worth.
You are worthy. You deserve what your heart desires. And your message is medicine.
When you embrace your own healing, you expand your capacity to help others heal.
When you expand what you believe is possible, you help others do the same.
You can only guide people as far as you’ve gone yourself.

This program is so much more than learning business strategy. It's a blueprint for leveling - UP

Think: Optimal Performance meets the Shamanic Feminine

To me, optimal "performance" is really about stepping into optimal ALIGNMENT.

When we lead from heart-centered alignment, this is when we have the most influence to support and inspire positive change.

There are codes to stepping into alignment.
It's about aligning your visions with your values,
your passions with your purpose,
and your intentions with your actions.
Laura Dawn
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Codes for up-leveling reside in...










Growth & Visionary Mindset

The power to create what you truly want starts in your mind.
Being a successful entrepreneur is all about mindset training. I believe two of the most powerful mindsets we can learn to adopt are a growth mindset and a visionary mindset.
Being a visionary is your birthright. Sacred plant medicines are “visionary” allies, teaching us how to remember the visionary that lives within each of us.
Throughout this program you’ll learn specific practices to clarify your inner visions.
These visions are the gateway to expanding what you believe is possible.
You can only create at the level of your thinking; this is the time for thinking bigger.

Embodied Leadership

When you hold an inner vision that stretches you, you then need to BECOME the woman who can rise to the occasion and step into alignment with that vision.

Who do you need to become to transmute that vision into reality? Who do you need to become so you can create, live and lead at the level you are dreaming of? 

It’s not enough to just hold an inner vision, you have to walk the talk. This is how our visions shape us on the path of who we are aspiring to be in this world. 

Are you embodying your message? Are you embodying the woman you are becoming? 

Courageous Heart

This is a time for choosing courage over comfort. 

An essential part of up-leveling is learning to befriend your inner fears. It’s about training the body to stay centered in the middle of discomfort with an open, courageous and kind heart. 

This path requires courage, strength, resilience, long-term  perseverance and graceful grit. You know what fuels this kind of stamina? Connecting to a bigger purpose that’s aligned with your passion. Purpose is the deeper why, and it moves you out of solely focusing on Self to reorient you towards the greater good. This is about dedicating your life to be in service to the awakening of humanity. 

Walk away with



& Courage

To launch an unprecedented
offering that contributes to the healing of humanity

Lets Get Logistical

Week Intensive Starting

October 26th - December 15th, 2022
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When Do We Meet?

  • We meet on Wednesday mornings from 9am-11am PST starting on October 26th, 2022. 
  •  Sessions typically range from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. 
How Are Sessions Structured?
  • Sessions are designed and structured with “active learning” in mind to be fully engaging and participatory. 
  • Weekly sessions are a combination of covering core curriculum, work-shop style processes and practices, as well as group breakout sessions.  

What Platforms Are We Using?

Once you join this program, you will be sent a link to Join a Private Mighty Networks Group. You can access Mighty Networks from your computer or through the dedicated Mighty Networks app. 

Mighty Networks has a “main feed” where you can connect with all the other women in the group, ask questions, share your experience as well as access all content and materials. 

In addition to Mighty Networks, we will use Zoom for our weekly group sessions and you will also be added to a group Signal thread. 

Content Includes:

Recorded Sessions, Weekly Printable PDF’s & Worksheets, Journal prompts, Questions for Breakout group sessions. 

What If I Miss a Session?

All sessions are recorded and you will have access to re-watch anything you missed on the Mighty Networks platform.

How long will I be able to access the content?

You will have access to all content for 3 months after the program has ended. After 3 months, membership access is $39 per month. 

What's The Weekly Time Commitment?

To get the most out of this 8-week intensive, I recommend allocating an additional 2 hours per week to focus on the homework and take-home practices. 

Story Telling Workshop

LED BY MAreesa Stertz
Become the compelling storyteller that invites, inspires, and enlists others to support your mission and purpose.
This workshop will help you reflect on your lived experience to help uncover wisdom you’ve embodied on your through through life.
You will identify your life experiences & map out your history. We will look at patterns, programs, and wisdom then distill these elements into a strong foundational story that fuels all that you do.
Learn how to use the art of story telling to transmute your struggle into strength and step into being the hero of your own story.
Learn how to edit your story down into a cohesive, compelling, and succinct narrative to share on stage, public speaking events, panels, podcasts, teaching, etc.


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Scholarships are available for BIPOC community.

Are You Ready to Choose Courage Over Comfort?


Your Message is Your Medicine

Micaela Arroyo
PRitam tara
Mary olivar
Ashley Antony, LMFT, Trauma Informed Psychedelic therapist www.ashanthony.com
Mareesa Stertz
Lives changed


We need more women contributing their voices to the psychedelic movement. It’s actually imperative that we carve out a seat at the table to bring a balanced perspective and directly contribute to shaping this rapidly growing and emergent new space.


Laura Dawn, M.Sc

Author, Keynote Speaker
& Host of the Psychedelic
Leadership Podcast
Laura Dawn, M.Sc. has a graduate degree in creativity studies and change leadership, and is at the forefront of exploring the intersection between psychedelics, creative problem solving and leadership development.

Laura Dawn built her first online brand to over 1.5 million fans on Facebook, and has been leading transformational retreats for over a decade inspiring people to wake up to greater possibility in their lives

My Approach

The Hustle is Canceled.

Welcome to the Ceremony of Life

As a life-long entrepreneur and creator with over 20 years experience exploring altered states of consciousness, and over 10 years of leading transformational retreats, my signature programs weave the wisdom traditions of Eastern philosophy and the latest research in science, backed by decades of experience.

I combine neuroscience, mindfulness, mindset coaching, somatic awareness and embodiment practices, leadership development and emotional intelligence, the science and ceremony of ritual and daily practice, creativity and resilience research, and a depth of personal experience walking the medicine path as a creative visionary entrepreneur.

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